Charcuterie & Cheese Sharing Platter

Serves 2
  • £45.00

All ingredients should be eaten within 24 hours of receiving your box

We have worked with artisan food producers to bring you a delightful British & Italian sharing platter featuring some of the countries’ best produce.

Cheese is a great passion of ours, but we get just as hot under the collar at the prospect of a slice of bresaola or the fragrant aroma of the rosemary Suffolk salami.

We've taste tested our way through hundreds of products to come up with a diverse platter of sensational foods that will set pulses racing.

We have developed fantastic relationships with traditional cheesemakers, olive growers, artisan curers and we trust you will enjoy the results. Visit our ingredients below for full details of contents. 

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Charcuterie & Cheese Platter

Handmade pasteurised Cotswolds organic cow’s milk Brie - 120g (v) (milk)

Marinated buffalo mozzarella, marinated with fresh basil, olive oil and black pepper -200g (milk)

Snowdonia pasteurised Black Bomber cow’s milk cheddar cheese - 200g (v) (milk)

Outdoor bred pork Rosemary Suffolk Salami - 90g 

Scottish Venison and Green Peppercorn Salami - 90g

White skinned, traditionally tied Italian pork Milano Salami-100g

9 month matured Prosciutto ham - 100g

Air-dried grass fed west coast beef Bresaola -100g

Olives - 100g

Caper berries - 90g (sulphur dioxide)

Red onion chutney (sulphur dioxide)

Balsamic onions (sulphur dioxide)


Cherry tomatoes

Sourdough bread (gluten, wheat, rye)

Water biscuits (gluten, wheat)

Sulphur Dioxide

Carefully unwrap your selection of cured meats and cheeses and arrange decoratively on your serving platter along with the bread and biscuits. Place your selection of accompaniments into small dishes, sit back, relax and enjoy!