Lobster Thermidor

Serves 1
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All ingredients should be eaten within 24 hours of receiving your box

1lb Fresh lobster, chilled with aioli or Marie Rose sauce;

  • Chilled with aioli
  • Chilled with Marie Rose
  • Grilled with garlic butter
  • Thermidor

Served with new potatoes, house salad.

The magnificence of lobster - fabulous anytime. Choose your preference; chilled, grilled or classic Thermidor.

Additional information

Lobster: (crustacean), double cream (milk), butter (milk), Parmesan (milk), shallots, Noilly Prat (sulphites), fish stock (fish), mustard, chives, parsley, chervil, tarragon

New potatoes: butter (milk), chives, mint, salt and pepper

House salad: mixed leaves, rocket, red onion, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper






Prep time

5 mins

Cook time

8-10 mins

Cooking instructions

  1. Preheat the grill to high

  2. Gently heat the sauce in a pan over a medium to low heat

  3. Take the lobster meat out of the shells, and put the shells on a baking tray

  4. When the sauce has warmed through, add the lobster meat and chopped herbs and stir gently to mix

  5. Spoon the pieces of lobster meat back into the shells using all of the sauce, and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese

  6. Place the lobster under a hot grill for 2 mins until golden brown

  7.  Reheat the potatoes in the bag in the  microwave for 2 -3 minutes on full power, please remember to pierce the bag first.

  8. Add the salad to a bowl and pour over the dressing and gently toss together

  9. Place the lobster in its shell onto a warm serving plate. Serve with the potatoes and salad and enjoy

  10. If you wish to heat up the food using another method that you feel more comfortable with then please use that method.