Luxury BBQ Box

Serves 6
  • £195.00

All ingredients should be eaten within 24 hours of receiving your box

It’s that time of year welcomed by all BBQ enthusiasts, bringing our kitchens and dining rooms into the garden to entertain our guests. It’s a time to relax with friends and family on a summer's afternoon. What could be better than a lovely cold drink accompanied with delicious, flavoursome food? To help ensure your BBQ is a roaring success please see below some top tips.

Hand Picked are proud to partner with Donald Russell Butchers to provide quality raw ingredients. Did you know that Donald Russell hold a Royal warrant to supply Her Majesty the Queen and are renowned for the quality of their hand cut steaks and meats? Please visit our ingredients below for full content details of our luxury BBQ box.

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2 x Chimichurri British prime steak burgers, a delicious blend of steak with a piquant burst of garlic and herb flavours and a warming chilli kick - 200g each

2 x Grass fed British prime steak, mushroom and black truffle burgers -200g each

2 x Classic rich and succulent grass fed British steak burgers, full of flavour - 200g each


6 x Hand Picked’s very own recipe classic Cumberland sausages - 70g each


1 x  28 day dry-aged and grass fed British côte de boeuf , a rib eye steak on the bone, best cooked medium, full of flavour – 900g

2 x 21 day aged hand cut prime grass fed British fillet steaks - 6oz each

Ribs & Lamb:

2 x Free range sticky pork ribs, in a bbq flavoured marinade. Contains: (celery, gluten, barley, sulphites, fish)

1 x British grass fed 4 bone lamb rack, oregano and chilli marinade

4 x Bamboo skewered British lamb kofta kebabs, flavoured with cumin, coriander and mint. Contains: (egg)


6 x Sardines in a lime, lemon and parsley marinade served with Moroccan-style chermoula sauce. Contains: (fish)

2 x 6 Fiery king prawn and chilli kebabs with lemon. Contains: (crustaceans)

4 x Harissa marinated Scottish salmon fillet with garlic, chilli flakes and lime. Contains: (fish)


6 x Brioche buns. Contains: (gluten, soya, eggs, milk).

Chipotle mayo. Contains: (gluten, soya , mustard, egg and wheat)

Garlic, soy, chilli dressing. Contains: (soya, gluten)

Garlic aioli. Contains: (egg)

6 x Corn on the cob, maple syrup glaze. Contains: (milk)

Red cabbage slaw. Contains: (egg, mustard)

Gem, mixed leaf salad

New potato, dill and mustard salad. Contains: (gluten, mustard, egg and wheat)

Fennel, green bean and tomatoes

All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten and other allergens are present and our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients. If more information about allergens is required, please ask a member of the team. Occasionally we may need to substitute products if we are unable to source from our suppliers, thank you for your understanding.

Ribs & Lamb




Prepare and pre-heat

All BBQs need to be pre-heated

Charcoal needs to burn until coals are covered with a layer of white ash

Meat should be at room temperature


Brush the meat with oil

Handle gently with tongs

Use the 60/40 rule. Cook the first side for 60% of the total cooking time

Turn your meat & fish just once

Cook the second side for the remaining 40% of the cooking time

Check it’s done using the meat thermometer

And rest

Rest barbecued meat just as if you had pan-fried it

Resting ensures the meat relaxes and is evenly juicy and tender throughout

Chef's Top Tips

  1. You don’t have to cook straight onto a BBQ; you can use roasting trays on top of the grill – good for when cooking small items that may fall into the coals. 
  2. You can use pizza stones on top of the grill – keep the lid closed and you can cook pizzas, garlic breads and flavoured breads just like a wood pizza oven.
  3. BBQs are there to be enjoyed, relax and do not hurry, let the flames go out before cooking.

All of these dishes can be cooked slowly in the oven prior to finishing them off on the BBQ to give you that lovely smokey flavour – the benefit of this is that you can make sure the food is cooked thoroughly and you will have time to join in with the party. As the British weather can change quickly or guests may arrive late, you will not ruin your creation if it stays in the oven for a little longer.

Beef cooking guide

Rare - 50°C (122°F)

Medium rare - 55°C (131°F)

Medium - 60°C (140°F)

Medium well - 65°C (149°F)

Well done - 70°C (158°F)

Chicken and pork

74 c (165° F)

Salmon, sardines and prawns

50 c (125° F)